Off-Season Wake Preparation

Wakeboarding is a great activity not only for the fun times that we all have on the water and the accomplishment we all feel when improving as a rider but it is also a great exercise. We don’t really realize it when we are riding because we are having so much fun but we are burning a ton of calories and building muscle at the same time. Think about how sore you are after your first ride of the season and you know that you are really using those muscles! Not only does wakeboarding improve your fitness but to a certain degree it requires it as well.

One problem I have struggled with in the past is staying in wakeboarding shape in the winter time so when spring comes around I am ready to shred. I really focused on this problem last year and was ready to ride this spring!

While there is no real way to simulate the pull that we receive behind the boat I feel that snowboarding and skateboarding may be the two most important things that I can do during the winter to keep my lower body and legs in peak wakeboarding condition. In wakeboarding, riders keep a natural squat a lot of the time when they are riding. This is something we don’t really do or experience much anywhere else in our daily routine but it is common in other board sports. Also, a lot of the skills that we can learn snowboarding and skateboarding can really translate into helping us on the water.

Snowboard Jump

Snowboarding may be the activity that is most closely related to wakeboarding. While we do still use our heel and toe edges they feel a little bit different on a snowboard since the tail of the board kicks out a little more and we are standing for the most part on top of the snow, where the tail edges on a wakeboard are buried in the water a little more thus creating more locked in edges. Although there are subtle differences in edging, getting comfortable on your heels and toes easily translates to wakeboarding. Also when you get comfortable on a snowboard and start getting some air, grabbing the board and control in the air is very similar to wakeboarding. While we don’t have the handle to help our stability when snowboarding, getting comfortable grabbing the board can really help your comfort doing the same on the water.

Skateboarding is another great activity to do when the lake or river is freezing cold. Heel and toe edge control is similar to a wakeboard although not as aggressive or tight as what we may experience on the water. Since we aren’t strapped in when riding a skateboard, it is a really great fall and winter activity to get into to help your wake skating. Shuv-its and kickflips are much more manageable on a skateboard than a wake skate for most and getting comfortable doing them skating can definitely help on the water. Also learning to Ollie on a skateboard is paramount to learning to air off the wake and Ollie on a wake skate as well. The sucking up motion of the knees and feet translates great to similar actions on the water.

In addition to snowboarding and skateboarding, getting on a balance board is another way to help increase you comfort, balance and body awareness. Skills learned on these balance boards may not translate directly to the water like snow and skateboarding do, but they help with balance whether it is perceived or not.

Spring is right around the corner so get out there and enjoy the winter months and stay in great wake shape at the same time. When that first session of the season gets here, it will feel like you never missed a beat!

2012 Wakesurfer Review

Recently, WakeAction got the chance to throw our first wakesurf clinic and demo day. Good vibes and good times were plentiful as everyone got the chance to demo multiple boards from Liquid Force, Hyperlite, Ronix, CWB and Shredstixx. We loaded up the 2012 X-30 with a ton of ballast and some good friends and spent the whole day slashing the long, clean, rampy wake. Everyone really liked all of the boards ridden but a select few really became fan favorites pretty quickly.

Byerly Hazard WakesurferByerly Hazard 4’8 - This was one of the favorites, a do-it-all board that everyone really liked a lot. Super fast, loose and edgy. Not only was it easy to do aggressive cut backs on the board, but it was super easy to break loose and stay up on. A great do it all board.







Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurfer

Hyperlite Broadcast 4’8- A great board for all levels of riders, the Broadcast allowed everyone to stay up on the water and really take advantage of the sweet spot on the wake and made it feel even longer. The Broadcast was also very easy to spin on and was a great trick board as well.







Liquid Force Custom WakesurferLiquid Force Custom 4’2- The Custom may have been the favorite of the bunch. Everyone rode it at least once and a few people bought one that day! The Custom was super buoyant and turned on a dime. Fast, agile and easy to ride for its shorter shape, two riders landed their first 360s on the Custom that day. The Custom was a great board to trick on and gave riders freedom to pull off airs, shoves and spins.




Ronix Koal WakesurferRonix Koal 5’- The Koal was a really fun board to ride. The upward rolled tip on the nose of the board allowed riders to cut with ease and not have to worry about the board diving. A true universal ride, the Koal was not only easy to stay up on but easy to spin and air as well. Super fast and ultra buoyant, the Koal is definitely a board you have to try.

Win a Pair of 2012 Hyperlite System Bindings & Boots

Want to win a pair of 2012 Hyperlite System Bindings and Boots (from AJ to Webb) of your choice? H-yeah you do. is giving away this sweet, sweet set-up. All you have to do is go to our Facebook page, Like us, if you haven’t already, and complete the easy registration form. We’ll post name of the winner July 5th here and on FB.

WakeAction is giving away a pair of Hyperlite System Bindings and Boots

WakeAction is giving away a pair of Hyperlite System Bindings and Boots

Slingshot Demo

We had an awesome turnout and fantastic day of boarding with Slingshot pro’s Jeff House and Corrie Dryer on Wednesday, June 13th. Great weather. Great products. Really cool pros. And to top it off, a premiere showing of “Lipsmack” along with a catered dinner by Skyline Chili.

Here a few photos from the day. Look for more on our Facebook site.

Jeff House

Slingshot pro Jeff House


Jeff House

Jeff House


Ryan testing out Slingshot Lyman board

Ryan testing out Slingshot's Lyman board


Mason trying out Slingshot's 2012 Recoil board. (He loved it.)

Mason trying out Slingshot's 2012 Recoil board. (He loved it.)



June 13 — Slingshot Demo & Movie Premiere

Slingshot Demo at WakeAction - June 13, 2012Bring it on out to Taylorsville Lake, Wednesday June 13th for a full day of Slingshot action.

We’ll kick-off the morning with Slingshot riders Jeff House and Corrie Dryer who will show off the latest Slingshot gear and teach technique to boarders of all levels.

Then, at 8 PM, we’ll screen the new movie from Slingshot — Lipsmack — at the WakeAction pro shop at 12 Highview Drive in Taylorsville.Check out the trailer.

Space for the Demo is limited! RSVP today by calling 866-581-9133.

Stand Up Paddleboard Clinics every Thursday this Summer

Interested in learning what SUP-ing is all about? WakeAction is giving you the chance.

Starting Thursday, May 3 and every Thursday through the Summer, we’re holding free SUP-ing clinics on Taylorsville Lake.

WakeAction's Stand Up Paddleboarding Clinic

You’ll learn all the basics for standing and maneuvering a SUP, plus get a chance to ask our pros questions about SUPs, wakeboards, waterskis or whatever else floats your boat.

Call us at 866-581-9133 to let us know your coming. The clinics begin at 6:30 pm and we meet as a group at the WakeAction Pro Shop, located right next door to Kentucky Boatworks.